2014: The Battle Continues

Over the Battle of Good & Evil in Setropolis!

Final Fight between Good and Evil!

Join us this summer and embark on a week of fun at Settlers Camp in a comic book themed adventure!

New Program Director!

Meet the new Program Director, Daniel Lugo! Danny has been on Settlers Camp staff for 7 years. During His time he has worked in many areas, including being an OFC and Scoutcraft Director. Join us this summer as Dan leads us into the battle of Setropolis!

65 Merit Badges for Any Interest!

Pick from over 60 merit badges at Settlers! We offer a wide range of badges to entertain anyone from Swimming to Sports and Athletics, Environmental Science to Indian Lore and Computers to Rifle and Shotgun shooting you are guaranteed to find something you will enjoy! Check out all the merit badges we offer here!

Superpower Enhanced Programs!

New for 2014 is our very own Pole Sparring Program, Improved TOC Program Area, Disk Golf Course, and a New Shotgun Pavilion with Sporting clay range!

Welding Merit Badge!

After a popular response to offering the Welding merit badge in the 2013 summer it will make a return in 2014! Register for Welding today at this form to obtain a limited seat! Age of 14 or older required.

Rumbling Raft Race Regatta!

Our Thursday lunch at the waterfront will be followed by a watercraft race! The watercraft must be a flat top raft made out of any material you would like that floats. Please also decorate your raft in a super villian or hero theme!

And this is Just the Start....

More announcements will be made up until camp starts!

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